An Infinitely Long Moment That Took No Time At All…the title of my upcoming new album.  The drop date is 04/12/2024 for my new album and I am excited and anxious for it is my first truly personal album.  It includes topics we can all relate to and that is love and loss.  Some of them are intertwined for I have experienced a great deal of loss in my life but I still feel grateful for the love I was able to receive.  As someone so beautifully put it, “I am glad it happened even though it is over now.”  I would agree that the pain of loss is due to the happiness we experienced and a longing for more.  Life is beautifully filled with sorrow and joy and even though sorrow tries to keep my attention at times I push my focus to joy.  These songs are a reflection of this and even if the words fall on deaf ears I feel a sense of catharsis in my spirit for writing it and getting it out.  I pray you find the joy that is struggling for attention in midst of sorrow.