The past few months I have been hard at work writing and recording my follow up album. Now, Then Again… was well received and was just what I needed to provide the mojo I needed to get back in the music writing game. Since releasing my last album I have recorded over 15 songs and have a few more in the works. Now comes the time to pick the tracks for this album, do final mixes and get them mastered. It take awhile longer for me to record since it is just me. I play everything on these albums but it gives me time to get everything I hear in my head into the song.

Speaking of final mix, I am going to try and get more ears on it this time around to get a better overall mix for the song quality really this time around needs to be given the best possible mix. I am truly excited to drop these songs for the worlds ears to hear for they are a work of love. The lyrics are personal but written in a way that hopefully is more universal than most personal lyrics. I generally try to write words that can touch a person as their own. Some of the words are deeply personal and are a journey into the soul.

The next steps are to finalize the track listing, do a final mix and edit on each song and then master them. Once they are mastered I will arrange the track order and work with my talented wife on the artwork. I have some crazy ideas and an album name in mind which I can’t wait to share with you.

In the meantime I wanted to thank you for your time to reach out to me and let me know what you think of the songs and especially touched by some of your stories on how the songs affected you. I feel this next album is a leap forward for me and those who have heard some of the songs are saying they are the best I have written and recorded so far. Excited to release this next album. Until then Peace and Love!