Six Year Dream

This album entitled Six Year Dream has quite the journey.  Years ago I watched a documentary on dreams. It was stated that if you added up every dream an average human dreams over a lifetime it would total 6 years! It stuck me at how much time in a life that truly is and the importance of dreams.  At the time I was experimenting with MIDI, Loops and recording techniques and thus found inspiration to put the feelings I had on dreams into a song.  Well that song turned into a couple of songs and then I ran with it and came up with the concept for this album.   It is not my normal style of music to write and record so it got me out of my comfort zone and thus I found a lot of freedom in shaping the songs.  This freedom spawned 14 songs worth of inspiration and was a rewarding experience.  This simple idea on 6 years worth of dreams is what inspired me to dream this album into existence.

Now after all these years with the support of my loving wife she encouraged me to release the album.  So I gave it a listen, remastered it and feel it is time to release it out for everyone to hear.  My hope while you listen to the songs is you submerse yourself into it and let the dreamy sounds take you on a journey.  Enjoy the journey into the 6 Year Dream!

Life is too short to do the things you don’t love doing.

Bruce Dickinson
Now, Then Again...