For years my writing was stagnant.  I wrote a little here and there but found it a challenge or lack of motivation and creativity. Then I met my wife who has been my constant encouragement.  This led to releasing my first album in years entitled “Now, Then Again…” and shortly after finally releasing my instrumental album from years ago “Six Year Dream.”  Working on Now, Then Again… sparked something in me, something that has been dormant for a long time and just shy of 4 months since releasing Now, Then Again…I have 12 songs ready for review of my production partners and 1 I am still recording.  I have another song I am currently writing and several other ideas brewing.

I have some ideas on album titles and which tracks are good to go for mastering but at least for now I am excited that some of these songs sound killer and are a step above my last album.  Even though Now, Then Again… had great reviews and a wonderful response, I know this next will be better which is always the goal to make your next project better.  The ideas were flowing, the recording of the instruments went so smooth and overall the album has some adventurous sounding songs that still are cohesive to my overall style.  I am excited to see how this album will be in completion and how it will be received.

Until then I will keep working at writing music…the best music I can create.  Thank you for your support and I wish you all the very best!