Released Albums

I have released several albums so far by myself and while in various bands. My first solo album, which was released in 2003, was called Learning, since I was learning the art of recording in my home studio for the first time.  Since learning that art my works have grown.  Below is a collection of some of my works.

An Infinitely Long Moment That Took No Time At All

Rev C The Gray

(Released 2024)

Thru loss I found inspiration.  This album is a reflection of my loss with a broken heart still beating it’s beat on my sleeve for you dear reader to glimpse.  Not all the songs deal with loss or heartache but they are all deeply personal.  I had a couple songs left over from my previous albums but they just needed to be completed.  I had left them off for they seemed too personal and I wasn’t in a place to surrender to it.  Then before I released my last album I experienced loss and pain and it birthed several songs on this album.  I’m putting it out there for release of not just an album but release of this sorrow in hopes it brings healing and who knows maybe your heart will be touched and find hope as well.  In my brokenness I bring this to you and in this brokenness I pray for healing to bring this broken heart to whole.


Rev C The Gray


This is the follow up album to Now, Then Again…  I had a blast writing and recording this album for I went into the process refreshed and had plenty of ideas musically and lyrically that it just fell together.  This time around I played everything and sang everything except for 1 backing vocal provided by my lovely and talented wife.  This album will be released in October on Friday the 13th, 2023 but you can pre-save or pre-order it today!

Six Year Dream

Rev C The Gray

(Released 2023 – Recorded 2008)

Years ago I watched a documentary on dreams. It was stated that if you added up every dream an average human dreams over a lifetime it would total 6 years! That is what inspired me to dream this album into existence.

Now, Then Again…

Rev C The Gray


Years ago I built my first studio and started writing and recording. My wife encouraged me to setup a new studio so I did and called it Sound Ministry Studio. From it I have produced some of my best work. This new album is about to be unleashed on the world. It includes a couple of college band mates on several of the songs.  For more info see the liner notes here:

My Music NFTs

Rev C


I have been into Crypto for a long time and NFTs were the next logical step.  I started working on them with my wife and then decided to try and make some of my music into NFTs.

Renegade Rise

Rev C


I was feeling inspired and wrote a song.  I don’t exactly what inspired me but the cover I came up is what was swimming in my mind as I put this composition together.

The Grand Subterranean Epoch

Shellhorn and Soule


In 2009 one of my song writing partners through the years and I recorded an album.  It was a mixture of songs old and new songs.  In 2019 I remixed and remastered it and put it out for streaming.

Happenstance of History

Mark and Colin


In 2018 my friend Mark who was in my college band The Jonz Boyse came to visit.  We spent a few days in the studio and recorded a song I had written years prior and we tried to record onto a 4 track.  Once completed we were inspired and wrote a new song.  This album is the result of that studio session.

In 2023, Mark went into the studio to rework Hops It Warms up.  He had his friend add drums, rearranged the song and added additional guitars and vocals.  I wrote and recorded a new bass line for it.  It is now called Who You Are…Give it a listen for it rips!


Rev C


In 2017 my wife passed away.  I wasn’t prepared and it took me awhile to even think about music, lyrics or any type of writing.  But I found a few moments while enjoying nature that sparked some creativity and thus I was able to record a few instrumental songs.  They are very melancholy and sets the mood for where I was when I set out to capture them.


Rev C


I wrote and worked on these songs while in a band called Last Saints Day.  I remixed and changed the arrangement on a couple and included a few new songs written during my time with the band but never worked on or recorded with them.

If Tomorrow Never Came

Jonz Boyse


In 2017 my college band the Jonz Boyse digitized and remastered all of our studio recordings from the 1990’s and packaged it into this album.  Included is a live recording from our reunion show a few years earlier of us performing Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

Quiet Revolution

Last Saints Day


In 2012 after many personal challenges including our health and death of loved ones we pushed thru and completed the recording of this album. Unfortunately after it was released one of our brothers in the band became sick and the follow up album we wrote dozens of songs for has been on hiatus since.

Rock The Halls

Last Saints Day


Formed in 2009 the band immediately started writing.  We had several songs put together and decided the first EP we would release would be a Christmas album. We built a professional studio and figured we would work out the kinks on this album before jumping into our first full length album.

You’ll End Up Looking At The Sky

Rev C


This demo is a collection of more than 20 songs I wrote and had recorded but they were either not completed, needed lyrics or needed something more.  A couple of these songs made it onto the Last Saints Day albums or my latest 2022 recording “Now Then Again…”

The Color Of Jaundice

Rev C


My third solo album was released in 2007.  This album was pretty ambitious coming in at around 16 tracks.  Several songs had so many tracks that it over powered my studio computer at times.  I also experimented with a lot more midi which lead me to my next album.

100% Beef – No Fillers

Rev C


This album is collection of songs from my first 2 solo albums but were remixed and/or remastered.  It includes 1 new song previously not released.

If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren’t More People Happy?

Rev C


My second solo album was released in 2005.  This album I simply sat in the studio and wrote it on the fly.  Nothing was pre-written and I came up with the ideas while writing the songs in the studio.


Rev C


My first solo album released in 2003.  The title of the album is a reflection of my learning experience of recording for the first time in my own studio.

Initial Setup for Desanguination



This was the first album we put together of the songs we wrote over the years.  We had a blast in the studio and it comes thru in the recordings.

Self Titled – Demo



The keyboardist from Jonz Boyse, my college band contacted me to see if I wanted to join his new band.  We recorded a demo to get us major gigs, including playing with several National Acts and being selected to compete in the Rock Search competition out of hundreds of bands.

Upcoming Albums

In 2021 my wife pushed me into setting up a new studio and start recording.  I am beyond thankful for her support for out of it has come not only new songs, but I was able to record older songs, update older songs and have them be of the quality that my friends would want to contribute to them.  My friend Mark in New Jersey, who was the guitarist in the Jonz Boyse recorded guitar and sang backing vocals on one of the songs when he visited my studio a few years ago.  When he heard my new songs he suggested having our friend and drummer from the Jonz Boyse Opie play drums on these songs.  He was excited to join us in the studio in Jersey and laid down some amazing drum tracks on my album “Now, Then Again…”  I am beyond grateful for all of their support and am excited to release this album to the world.

While recording “Now, Then Again…” I have found even more inspiration along the way and have about a half a dozen songs brewing.  They are in various states of composition but once I finalize “Now, Then Again…” I will put my focus on them to be the follow up album.

Now that I have my mojo back and a supporting wife who loves hearing the music invade our home while I noodle the ideas from my head to the guitar and piano, I look forward to many more songs and albums to be forthcoming.  Thank you to all my friends, musician friends, fans and family who support me and appreciate the art I try to bring to the world.  Love and Peace – Rev C

“I love your music.  It’s one thing to write great tunes but they all bear your signature style and that there is a gift.  Keep on writing my friend.”