It’s a new year, a new beginning.  Last year was full of immense highs and some sad lows.  With love and loss it makes for a bittersweet remembrance and everything can seem to mix together.  But if you know me you know I am a positive person and try to set my focus on the good things in life.  So while I did experience some truly sad times, a part of what came out of it were some of the best songs of my life.  They are deeply personal and if you have listened and read my lyrics you’ve seen I write in a way to make them more universal rather than personal unless it is a specific song for my wife.  With this new beginning I have decided to make my next album personal, a deeper look into my life.  It will be full of sadness, anger and basically my heart on my sleeve.  With this inspiration, I have already written and recorded most of my next album. I just have to figure out which songs to make the cut, work out any tweaks and arrangements and then send them to my production team for feedback.  I am excited and nervous for this next album.  I am excited for the music and lyrics are some of my best.  I know every artist always says it but I truly feel this in my heart.  Each album I grow and this one was a leap in growth.  And I am nervous to put myself out there in lyrics but I do feel a sense of catharsis in writing and on a deeper level sharing it with you so whatever trepidation I feel has melted away in the fires of creation and from these ashes my phoenix shall rise.  2024 is going to be a great year, not just musically for me but because I believe it will be!  Peace and love my friends!