Music, Music, I Hear Music…

My studio is a place where I can try to get the sounds in my head out and share them with others. I love the feeling of being able to create something from nothing.  Here is that journey and how we got to here, where you are reading this and I have made a big enough impression to have you listen to my music and read my words.

As long as I can remember I have been in a band.  In elementary school, my friends and I started a band.  From this moment a spark ignited in me to start the journey of music writing.  I had wrote songs starting at age 6 on guitar and piano but they were just silly and very basic.  Now I had a desire to make music to capture people.  I wrote songs by myself and with others and it helped to start my first college band.  I continued to play in bands after college and then my job moved me away.  It was the first time I wasn’t in a band.

I didn’t realize it at first but I started to feel this longing of something missing.  I didn’t have a creative outlet so I put together my first basic studio and learned how to record.  I spent countless hours learning the craft, buying more equipment and finally having a setup where I could put some songs down and listen back.  I learned drum sequencing, MIDI and much more and finally had enough material to put what I learned into my first album aptly named “Learning.”

I spent the next few years writing and recording and then found myself in another band.  It was great to share the magic of song writing with others again.  And in the short span of 2 years we put out a Christmas EP and a full length album.  We were in the process of picking the songs to record for our next album when the guitarist and singer became ill.  At the time we had collectively close to 100 songs ready to record which I do hope one day they see the light.

Then more tragedy struck when the guitarist’s brother died.  Then my wife shortly after became sick and music was put on hold.  I felt blocked and isolated.  For years I was a caregiver and had no desire to create for I was drained.  Then the unspeakable happened and my wife passed away.  I was lost and so was my voice.

A few years later I met the love of my life.  She helped me find my voice.  In our house my wife encouraged me to make a new studio and put my music back out there.  Now I have written and recorded some of the best music of my life because of her.  Out of tragedy has come my new voice and a love of a lifetime.

You’ve got to capture as much of the room sound as possible. That’s the very essence of it.

Jimmy Page