It’s all about the music

Music just sounds better than it used to, which is why vinyl records are enjoying a resurence in popularity. Major record labels are re-releasing some of the most popular albums of all time on vinyl. To meet this growing demand, manufactures are producing new turntables and related equipment. You may be surprised to learn that many of these products are made in China and come with very reasonable price tags.
There is no question that over the past few decades, music has become more and more accessible to people of all ages. The technology of today gives us the ability to create and listen to music in ways that were once impossible. We can now carry our music with us wherever we go, and we can share it with our friends and family with the click of a button. With all of this new technology, it’s no wonder that music just sounds better than it used to.
After a long day at work, nothing eases the tension quite like listening to some music. When the right song comes on, it can completely change your mood. You might not think about it often, but the audio quality of music has come a long way in recent years. Music just sounds better than it used to.

“One of my great memories of John is from when we were having some argument. I was disagreeing and we were calling each other names. We let it settle for a second and then he lowered his glasses and he said: “It’s only me.” And then he put his glasses back on again. To me, that was John. Those were the moments when I actually saw him without the facade, the armor, which I loved as well, like anyone else. It was a beautiful suit of armor. But it was wonderful when he let the visor down and you’d just see the John Lennon that he was frightened to reveal to the world.”